Alternative MDI or SDI Solution for .NET

March 5, 2008 at 8:24 AMAmer Gerzic

Multiple Document Interface (MDI) is a technique to separate data layer from presentation layer, which is primarily utilized in MFC. As an MFC developer looking to develop applications in .NET, I was searching for a similar concept. My interest was mostly in GUI design, rather than complete MDI/SDI solution. At first, I was very happy to learn that Windows Forms provided assistance in MDI development. As always, I fired up VS.NET 2005 and created sample project. Couple of minutes later, I had MDI-like application, where I could add/remove views very quickly. It felt too good to be true, which later proved that it was. At first I wanted all of my child views to be shown maximized. In addition, I wanted all child views without a control bar. Everything went well, except that my forms could not get rid of control bar. In addition, form resizing did not function properly. As always, I searched the web and found numerous attempts to solve these issues. All solutions suggested following steps:

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